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Technology at the service of people

The ambition of the organisers of Reha INNOVATIONS was to create a convenient space to present products and new solutions for prevention, diagnosis and treatment in physiotherapy, physical medicine, biomedical engineering, sports medicine, osteopathy and spa treatment. The plan was successful, as 60 exhibitors from top brands presented their offerings at the fair, answering visitors' questions in detail and allowing them to test equipment over the two days.

The keyword at the past event was an innovation. This is where you can catch a glimpse of upcoming trends. The solutions presented quickly find their way into practice, which is why the trade fair is the perfect place for... premieres. This potential was exploited by the company Koordynacja, which presented the AntiGRAVITY Platform - AGP - a platform for exercising anti-gravity muscles using feedback - for the first time in Poland at Reha INNOVATIONS.

  • At Reha INNOVATIONS, we really like it. There are a lot of novelties that are emerging in the rehabilitation services market and I think we have a super shot at the idea of this fair. So we are very happy that we could be here and present our device.

  • Interest in our stand is very high. Non-stop people come up to us because we make the equipment available to visitors and everyone has the opportunity to use it. Our aim was first and foremost to spread information about the novelty we have, which is an alternative, innovative method that is only just beginning to be talked about in Poland. The hypoxia method has been known in the world for years, it is used in sports training, for example, and hypoxia rooms and tents are well-known, whereas our equipment, although based on this method, is a little different. Visitors want to see the equipment in person and test the method on themselves.

  • In my opinion, trade fairs are a good place to showcase new products. Through the pandemic, you might have thought otherwise, but people nevertheless want to come, to touch the equipment. In one place, they can see a lot of different versions of the same equipment in a short period of time and get to know them.

  • For our industry, meetings are crucial. A lot of equipment simply has to be seen, touched and tested. We are here after a long break due to the pandemic and we are very happy to get out to people, show our innovations, demonstrate our equipment and showcase new products. This is a fantastic opportunity to finally meet face-to-face and not via the internet.

  • Anna Lewczuk


  • Rafał Grenda


  • Mariusz Strzecha


  • Jan Siarkiewicz

    BTL Polska

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Guinness World Record

The icing on the cake was the new Guinness record set by Valerjan Romanovski for the longest body contact with the snow. The Pole from Vilnius stayed in the snow for 1 hour, 45 minutes and 9 seconds, thus beating the record set in 2013 by Oleksiy Gutsulyak from Ukraine of 60 minutes and 8 seconds. The man, dressed only in swimming trunks, laid down on a snow cover of about 50 cm and was then buried in more than 70 cm of snow. During the record-breaking, specialists continuously monitored and analysed the champion's vital signs and shared observations with the spectators. Valerjan Romanovski achieved an excellent result and was in very good shape after coming out from under the snow.

He broke the record for the longest contact of the body with ice, he travelled by bicycle through the frosty Yakutia for several days at a temperature of -50°C, he spent 100 hours in a thermochromatic chamber at a temperature of -60°C, eating food in the form of ice, and, as he says himself, the greatest satisfaction comes from bringing out from the body possibilities or resources that were previously dormant.

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Enormous enthusiasm

A debut always involves a risk, but in the case of Reha INNOVATIONS, the risk was worth taking. Exhibitors did not hide their satisfaction with the organisation of the fair in the south of the country, which for many became an opportunity to open up a new market. The level of preparation of the event was appreciated by exhibitors, who felt comfortable at EXPO Krakow. - I am very satisfied with the organisation and contacts with the people responsible for Reha INNOVATIONS. They front up to the exhibitors, they are problem-solving oriented, you can see that the event is being organised for the first time and the enthusiasm is immense. The organisers want the best for the exhibitors and there was absolutely nothing to complain about here,' said Jakub Szymczak, PR Manager at RSQ Technologies. Certainly, words of appreciation are the best motivation for the organisers to develop the event.