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Ladies and gentlemen!

We are paying close attention to what is happening in the industry, learning lessons in order to create the best possible environment for our clients to exchange contacts and gain knowledge. We know that it is impossible to be in four, three or even two places at the same time and that 2023 is full of events with similar themes to those covered at Reha Innovations. Therefore, to take care of the highest standard of the events, Targi w Krakowie has decided to postpone Reha Innovations. Physiotherapy. Modern Diagnostics. Wellness. The decision was based on numerous consultations with the community and an analysis of the situation in the industry. The new date offers new opportunities. It is the ideal time to prepare an interesting exhibition offer, rich in novelties and an accompanying tailor-made programme for you.

We hope that the decision to move Reha INNOVATIONS will meet with your understanding. We look forward to continuing our fruitful cooperation.

Thematic scope

  • Diagnostics
  • Therapy
  • Therapy Assistance
  • Services
  • Training
  • Marketplace

Who does visit Reha Innovations?

  • Management
    • Owners of clinics, private hospitals, sanatoriums, nursing homes
    • Management staff: physiotherapy specialists, heads of departments in hospitals, sports centres, physiotherapy and spa centres in hotels, fitness centres
  • Specialists
    • Doctors: medical rehabilitation specialists, orthopedists, sports doctors, neurologists
    • Physiotherapists
    • Medical staff
    • Personal/fitness trainers
    • Nutritionists
  • Patients
    • Amateur, semi-professional and professional athletes
    • Sport clubs
    • Patients associations
    • People associated with the foundation, on Facebook groups and forums
    • People with disabilities
    • Office's workers
  • Universities
    • Students
    • Research circles
    • Researchers
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