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May 12-13, 2022, EXPO Kraków




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Ladies and gentlemen!

In recent years, exceptionally dynamic changes have taken place in Polish physiotherapy. Each of them is a challenge, behind which, at the same time, there are great opportunities. So that you can use them, we invite you to Reha INNOVATIONS. 

The past, first edition of this fair has unquestionably proved how inspiring participation in lectures conducted by specialists, discussions and meetings with physiotherapy leaders can be. New and unobvious areas of therapists' activities - such as dental physiotherapy, urogynecology or aesthetic osteopathy and physiotherapy - are gaining more and more interest from patients. Just like telemedicine, which is actual in the post-pandemic time. 

We also notice changes that are applied in law, and positive changes in the image of the profession. We are convinced that talking about that issues, industry meetings during Reha INNOVATIONS and the opportunity to present your own products to a wide audience of professionals invited by us will bring you measurable and immeasurable benefits. 

Exhibition zones

  • Diagnostics
  • Therapy
  • Therapy Assistance
  • Services
  • Training
  • Marketplace

Contact with us

If you have any questions - write to us.
Aleksandra Krzywonos
Project Manager / Team Leader
tel. +48 509 203 677


Aleksandra Nowowiejska
Event Manager 
tel. +48 509 202 887

Who does visit Reha Innovations?

  • Management
    • Owners of clinics, private hospitals, sanatoriums, nursing homes
    • Management staff: physiotherapy specialists, heads of departments in hospitals, sports centres, physiotherapy and spa centres in hotels, fitness centres
  • Specialists
    • Doctors: medical rehabilitation specialists, orthopedists, sports doctors, neurologists
    • Physiotherapists
    • Medical staff
    • Personal/fitness trainers
    • Nutritionists
  • Patients
    • Amateur, semi-professional and professional athletes
    • Sport clubs
    • Patients associations
    • People associated with the foundation, on Facebook groups and forums
    • People with disabilities
    • Office's workers
  • Universities
    • Students
    • Research circles
    • Researchers
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Explore EXPO Kraków

EXPO Kraków is a modern exhibition and convention centre, disabled people friendly with meeting rooms prepared for the most demanding events. Many visitors are ready to talk with you about your offer. As an exhibitor, you can expect better conditions of stand installation, wide advertisement offer, and great service made by our experienced employees.